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About Us

Nigeria is a country of diverse climates, landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and traditions. It is in fact the most populous nation in Africa, and has one of the fastest growing populations in the world.


Nigeria is a powerhouse economically and politically in Africa; however its large population experiences everything from extreme wealth and comfort to stark poverty and hardship.


Nigeria also has a diverse landscape ranging from tropical rainforests to dry savanna lands. Due to its peculiar geographical, geological and geomorphologic setting, the Nigerian environmental system is characterized by the combination of natural features that make it uniquely susceptible and highly fragile.


In ecological terms, Nigeria is a land of extremes and had remained constantly at risk for ages, with the more recent phenomenon of global warming further accentuating the rate of environmental degradation.


Nigeria is bounded in the south by over 850km long active coastline and in the north by a similar length of the Sahara Desert. The country is therefore permanently being ravaged by coastline erosion to the south as well as desertification to the north.


Global warming is now acting as a catalyst to these two destructive natural forces. Thus, while coastal inhabitants are under constant threats of sea-level rise, and coastal erosion, Nigerians who dwell along the fringes of the Sahara are under the unabating threats of desertification.


There are a number of threats that are related to human activities which have further amplified the country’s environmental degradation. These include:


• Deforestation, Desertification, Soil erosion, Coastal erosion, Pollution, Solid wastes, Mining waste-land


So in response to this Green Planet Initiative International (GPII) was established by indigenous professionals who live in the country and Diaspora with the aim to engage in the protection of the Nigerian environment, and its sustainable developments with action research which is based on participatory approach by all the levels of the community based on their identified priorities for their future through GPII.


GPII ‘s aim is to tackle environmental crisis and also develop basic community social services needs and create employment opportunities and income generation projects for the Youth, Women, Internally Displace Persons ( IDPs) and poor rural community to reduce the level of poverty and contribute National Development Goals.


GPII also provides training, research and capacity buildings to relevant Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations so as to ensure good governance within the Local Authorities.


GPII implements Community initiatives and carry out advocacy for the protection of all human being to create a positive environment and developed society, politically and economically throughout the nation




Green Planet Initiative International is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2008, committed to carrying out activities that ensures the sustainable management of environmental resources. GPII is a developmental and research based national NGO with the headquarters located in Cross River State.


GPII is registered with the government of Nigeria under the Ministry of social welfare and community development in 2011 with Registration. No: VSO/01079. GPII’s activities are directed towards all human, including the vulnerable groups-women and children.


Our total annual budget for 2011 is Eighty nine thousand US Dollars (US $89,000). Our sources of funding include donations and grants from our partners such as One sky (Canadian Institute for Sustainable Living). GPII has 3 full staff and 3 volunteers.


GPII is a member of NGOCE (NGO Coalition for Environment), Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global Leap), Council for Renewable Energy in Nigeria (CREN), Africa Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA), United Nation’s – Energy Access Practitioner Network, Africa Integral Development Network and Pan-Africa Climate Justice Alliance.


GPII Partners are drawn from all sectors of the society, they include; The Cross Rivers State Forestry Commission; Nigeria Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC), Fresh Brain Initiative Nigeria (FBI), and the University of Calabar.


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